What’s stopped you from booking a bikini wax sooner?

//What’s stopped you from booking a bikini wax sooner?

What’s stopped you from booking a bikini wax sooner?

When people who are new to waxing first visit me, and we get talking, it pretty much always turns out that they’ve been thinking about trying waxing for ages before plucking up the courage to finally book in.

When I’ve asked them “so what stopped you from booking sooner?” some of the replies made me think I’d write this post, to reassure people who might be thinking the same things.

So here we go…

“I thought I’d be the hairiest person you’ve ever seen” – Everyone thinks that! Yep, some people are hairier than others.  The thing is, I NEED you to be hairy so I can wax you and as far as I’m concerned the hairier the better! So no trimming, shaving or hair removal creams for 4 weeks before your appointment please, even if you feel like Chewbacca!

“I have piles” – So do most people.  I’m genuinely more surprised when I see someone that DOESN’T have them.  My pre-wax oil and the wax that I use means that there’s no pulling on your skin (or your piles) and I work around them anyway.

“It’s difficult trying to time an appointment around my period” – I can still wax you if you’re on your period.  Although it’s worth bearing in mind that you can be slightly more sensitive when it’s that time of the month, I CAN still wax you.  Just wear a tampon and I’ll work around it.

“I thought it was going to be really painful, but actually it wasn’t as bad as I thought” – It’s never as bad as you thought it would be. Go and read my Facebook reviews (and if you’ve visited and want to leave a review to reassure others, I’d really appreciate it ;-)).  Although everyone’s pain threshold is different I can give you a more comfortable treatment with the wax that I use (hot wax, NO STRIPS). Nobody leaves the room in pain and everyone says it was nothing like they thought it’d be.

“I was worried I might be too overweight for you to be able to wax me” – I wax women of all shapes and sizes, it doesn’t matter to me what size you are, I wax everyone using the same technique.  All I’m concentrating on is hair and skin, your size doesn’t really come into it.

“I’ve been scared it would be really embarrassing” – Well, it’s not embarrassing for me 🙂 I’ve seen it all before, numerous times each day! You might feel a bit embarrassed for a minute or two, then once we start chatting you’ll forget that you’re lying there with no knickers on and legs akimbo, I promise!

When you make an appointment for intimate waxing I always book out plenty of time for a thorough pre-wax consultation and a discussion about aftercare, most people are only ‘on the bed’ for 15-20 minutes.  In about 30 minutes from arriving, you’ll be skipping out feeling hair free and fabulous and wondering what on earth you waited so long for! So go on, be brave, book now #itsnotasbadasyouthink

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