Waxing, Winter, and Looking After Your Skin

Winter is not particularly known for being kind to your skin… cold weather, the dry environment caused by central heating, layers of clothing and lack of moisture can all contribute to dry, flaky dull looking skin. So needless to say, skin care is as important, if not MORE important during winter as it is during summer or spring, even if you don’t plan on getting your bare legs or arms out on show.

Lots of people make the mistake of thinking that waxing is only necessary during the summer months when we’re sunning ourselves on beaches and baring our legs on a daily basis. But if you keep up with your waxing schedule during the winter months you’ll reap the benefits. Waxing is for life, because who wants to be back to square one of that first wax all over again, after taking a few months break. The goal with waxing is to reduce hair growth and for any hair that does come through to be finer, softer and sparser. So keep it up – don’t undo all of that hard work we did over summer!

Waxing can help to relieve dry skin…

Waxing not only removes hair by the root, it opens up your pores and gently exfoliates your skin by removing some dead skin cells. Having a build up of dead skin cells won’t allow nourishing body creams to be absorbed easily by your skin. My own legs get so dry and flaky and irritated over winter if I don’t keep on top of looking after my skin, but when I’ve let my skincare regime slip a quick leg wax so

rts my legs right out! Why not take the plunge, grow the hair, and add a half leg wax to your intimate wax appointment and see for yourself… it’s 15 minutes added onto your Hollywood or Brazilian appointment and you will be leaving with fresh glowing moisturised legs.

Winter waxing keeps your hair growth cycle in sync…

You’ve visited regularly throughout summer, you already know how much softer and finer and hardly noticeable your hair regrowth can be! So why let that slip? Maintaining a regular waxing schedule will keep your hair cycle regular, weakening hair follicles, making subsequent waxing much easier and resulting in thinner, sparser regrowth. And as they say, summer bodies are made in winter!!

Waxing is convenient…

OK so I know that growing the hair out the first time can feel like it takes a lifetime (I need MINIMUM 3 weeks growth since your last shave) but hey, it’s cold, and it’s easier to keep yourself covered up, you can get away with trousers or tights for nights out. Once you’re in a regular waxing schedule you hardly notice your regrowth and you can be enjoying weeks of silky smoothness. Shave every day… or wax once a month? I know which I prefer.

Aftercare – Exfoliation and Moisturising – is key…

Now is the time to up your waxing aftercare and follow it to the letter! Exfoliation is so important to slough away those dead skin cells and help prevent ingrown hairs. Moisturising keeps your skin in tip top condition.

I sell a couple of fabulous exfoliating products; Ruff Stuff Daily Scrub which is a beautiful coconut sugar scrub, and A Bit Of Rough Washcloth which is much gentler than those scratchy exfoliating gloves you can buy, whilst still delivering the perfect level of exfoliation.  I never recommend anything that I don’t use and LOVE myself. I’ll also recommend some fantastic moisturisers suitable for all skin types.

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