Waxing V Shaving – Waxing Wins!

//Waxing V Shaving – Waxing Wins!

Waxing V Shaving – Waxing Wins!

When it comes to waxing versus shaving, of course I’m going to tell you that waxing wins – I’d be out of a job otherwise. OK, I will admit to running a razor over my underarms in the shower for the convenience factor, but I regret it EVERY.SINGLE.TIME when those prickly stubbly hairs are poking through already the very next day.

Here’s why I think waxing is so much better than shaving.

? Waxing removes hair from the root… Unlike shaving which cuts the hair off at skin level, or Veet which dissolves the hair to only just below the top layer of your skin.  Once the hair has been waxed out it can take up to 4-6 weeks for a new hair to appear in its place. I feel it’s important to be honest with my clients and tell you that it takes a couple of regular waxes to get most of the hair into the same growth cycle and start achieving longer lasting results, but once you’ve got all the hair into the same growth cycle you’ll be enjoying weeks of hair free smoothness.

? Waxing is kinder to skin… Running a sharp blade over your skin every few days (or in some cases, every day) can result in dry sore skin, or skin discolouration. Just imagine having no more shaving rash, razor burn or irritated skin, and no cuts or nicks that can leave you with permanent scars. For those of you who use Veet – no more smearing smelly hair dissolving chemicals onto your delicate skin – if you must Veet then save it for your legs, NOT your bikini area! The peelable wax I use is gentle on your skin, it shrink wraps the hair meaning that when I remove it the wax pulls out your hair but doesn’t lift your skin.

? Waxing reduces regrowth… One of the main advantages of waxing is that hair grows back sparser, finer and thinner. Regrowth feels soooooo much softer and unlike the thick stubbly regrowth from shaving, you hardly notice it’s there. Regular waxing damages the hair follicles meaning that hair just can’t grow back as strong, and sometimes it doesn’t grow back at all in patches.

? Waxing is fast and convenient… Here at Wicked Wax it takes 30 minutes for an intimate wax appointment (you’re actually only ‘on the bed’ for 15-20 minutes) to then have smooth skin for ages.

So you could shave every day or wax once a month?  It seems like an easy decision to me!

If you’re ready to take the plunge and ditch the razor, contact me now to book your appointment and start living the waxed life!!

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