Waxing Hygiene… No Double Dipping Here!

//Waxing Hygiene… No Double Dipping Here!

Waxing Hygiene… No Double Dipping Here!

Here at Wicked Wax I follow strict hygiene procedures.  There have been a couple of waxing articles published recently on some professional beauty forums which have made me realise that hygiene isn’t always a priority for some wax therapists/salons and ‘No Double Dipping’ is perhaps still not yet the industry norm!

So here’s a little run through of what I expect from you, and what you can expect from me for a clean, hygienic treatment.

Your Hygiene…

I can honestly say I’ve NEVER had a client with a hygiene problem yet… I know people probably come along to their appointment thinking “oh my God, I hope I don’t smell” and I can tell you – you don’t!

I assume this means that everyone follows the advice on my FAQ page and showers on the day of the appointment.  I don’t expect you to race home from work, shower for the second time that day and then race out to your appointment either.  If you’ve showered that morning then that’s good for me! There are freshen up wipes available in the toilet if you feel the need to use one.

And that’s all I want you to do ??

Wicked Wax Hygiene…

Here’s what to expect from me.

? My treatment room is kept clean and tidy at all times.

? The bed is covered with a disposable bedsheet and is sprayed and wiped down with antibacterial disinfectant after every single person. A fresh bedsheet is used for every appointment.

? The bin is emptied between clients and a fresh bin liner is used every time.

? I use disposable nitrile gloves, a clean pair for everyone.  If you’re having an intimate wax treatment and you add on another treatment such as nostril, lip or underarm wax, I’ll dispose of the gloves used for your intimate wax and put on new gloves before I wax your other body parts.

? Now for an important one… NO DOUBLE DIPPING HERE!!!

What’s double dipping? It’s when the therapist takes a spatula full of wax, applies that wax to your skin, then sticks the same spatula back in the wax pot to pick up more wax, applies that to your skin, and so on.  Bleugh! What they’re doing is potentially transferring skin particles, hair, blood spotting, etc, BACK into the wax pot on that used spatula.  By the end of the day it’s like a pot full of every single client they’ve waxed that day – would you want a lip wax from the same pot that’s been used to wax someone else’s bum?  Yuk!

So here at Wicked wax I NEVER reuse spatulas.  Once it’s touched your skin it goes in the bin, only fresh clean spatulas ever get dipped into my wax pots.  (As an aside, yes I do use thousands of spatulas each year and yes I do feel guilty about the environmental impact.  To try in some way to make up for this, as well as disposing of my waste as ethically as I can, I donate yearly to the Woodland Trust who spend donations on planting trees and woodland conservation ??).

? All areas are cleaned daily at the end of each day and all stock including wax, lotions and gels are checked to ensure they are in date and haven’t been opened for too long – but to be honest I’m so busy that none of my stock lasts long enough to go out of date, it’s been well used up by then.

The main thing when you go for a wax is to just take a look around… Is the place clean and tidy or are you looking at an overflowing bin, a ratty old towel on the bed that’s full of wax and has clearly been used several times already, are the wax pots clean and is there a good supply of spatulas on the trolley.

INSIST on no double dipping and if you’re being fobbed off with some naff excuse like “oh the wax is hot enough to kill any germs so it’s ok to double dip” (yes I’ve heard that one before ?) then get your pants back on, get the hell outta there and book an appointment with me instead!    ?????


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