Waxing During Pregnancy

//Waxing During Pregnancy

Waxing During Pregnancy

From the moment you know to the day you deliver, pregnancy waxing is available here.  If you’re booking an appointment and you’ve never been to me before, then please do mention when making the appointment that you are pregnant.  I’ll need to ask you a couple of questions – I’m not prying into your personal details but I’ll need to just check whether the pregnancy has progressed uneventfully so far, and check that you’re being monitored under routine observations.

If you’ve got any questions for me I’m more than happy to speak to you, but here are my most frequently asked questions from mums-to-be…

Is it safe for me to have a wax whilst pregnant?  Yes! You may feel more sensitive due to the changes that come along with pregnancy, but it’s perfectly safe.  Whether pregnant or not, I always use hot wax for my intimate waxing treatments, no strips.  Unlike strip wax, hot wax grips the hair but NOT the skin, for a more gentle treatment.

Can I get waxed right before my due date? Yes.  I have lots of women who are waxed throughout their pregnancy up to a few days before, or even the actual day of their due date.

When you’re waxing me will you be doing anything differently to usual? I’ll have the head of the bed raised, as pregnant women should not be laid flat on their back for any length of time.  There will be a glass of iced water available for you.  I’ll be asking you throughout the treatment if you need a quick break, if you’re comfortable, if you need to change position, etc.  And I’ll be working super fast!

What are the benefits of being waxed while pregnant?  There are no clinically proven benefits and I’m sure any midwives will tell you they don’t notice or care either way.  But most of my clients say they feel cleaner, more comfortable and more prepared after they’ve been waxed… and lets be honest, if you can’t see it you probably can’t wax or shave it yourself! I can get to those hard to reach places that you can’t see over your bump.

What sort of wax can I have? Any style of wax you like. choose whatever feels most comfortable for you.  Some women just like a basic tidy up, others choose “all off” and there are several other styles in between!

So get your appointment booked in and tick one more thing off your to-do list before baby arrives 🙂

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