The sun is out… Book me in!

//The sun is out… Book me in!

The sun is out… Book me in!

So the sun’s out and booking a last minute waxing appointment seems a great idea.  BUT, if you’ve recently (as in, during the last 3 weeks) shaved your legs, bikini, underarms, or whichever body part you want to wax, then you’re wasting your time and money.  For best waxing results the hair needs to be 3-4 weeks growth, or length of a grain of rice, or at least 5mm.  While I’m not going to get a ruler out to check, there really is no point coming to your appointment and trying to tell me that you haven’t shaved for 4 weeks when you clearly did at the weekend – I can tell! 😛 The longer you can leave your hair to grow before your wax, the better.

Waxing for a holiday, wedding, or special occasion?  I really recommend that you have a couple of appointments before the big day or that important date.  Reactions are very rare but better safe than sorry.  It’ll also give you an idea of how long you’ll get before some hair starts coming back through – it’s worth remembering that it takes 2-3 waxes to get most of the hair into the same growth cycle for good long lasting smooth skin.

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