Stay Cool and Get Waxed at Wicked Wax

//Stay Cool and Get Waxed at Wicked Wax

Stay Cool and Get Waxed at Wicked Wax

Wow, this sunshine is amazing isn’t it  Long may it continue! ! Here are my top tips for a comfortable treatment with me in this beautiful sunny weather…


❄ Wear loose clothes and cotton underwear to your appointment, save the lacy synthetic thong for a few days time. Big Bridget Jones cotton knickers are breathable and won’t rub or chafe your freshly waxed skin!

❄ Guys you may want to bring along a clean cotton t-shirt to put on after your back or chest wax.  As soon as you can after your wax once you get home, take your shirt off and let your skin breathe, but stay out of the sun for the rest of the day.

❄ Try not to arrive all panicked and sweaty because you’re running late, that’s no fun for either of us!! Arrive a few minutes early for your appointment if possible, relax in my waiting area and help yourself to an iced lemon infused water.

❄ Yes I do have a toilet in my waiting area.  There are freshen-up wipes available as well as sanitary items should you need them.

❄ Enjoy my air-conditioned waxing studio, currently a chilled 19 degrees, a perfect working temperature. (If this heatwave continues much longer I may start sleeping in here!). No – you can’t book an appointment just to sit in there for a 30 minute cool off ?.

❄ After your appointment, avoid exposing your freshly waxed skin to the sun for AT LEAST 24 hours, sunscreen is a must, and follow all of my aftercare advice to keep your skin in tip top condition.

See you soon! #getwaxedatWickedWax

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