Men – The Truth About What Actually Happens During Your Intimate Wax

//Men – The Truth About What Actually Happens During Your Intimate Wax

Men – The Truth About What Actually Happens During Your Intimate Wax

Male waxing is on the increase!  Men are now embracing personal care beyond the very basics of bodily upkeep and becoming more and more health and body conscious. No surprise then that you’re following the example of us women and experimenting with below the belt hair removal. This service has become really popular with men from all walks of life and all ages.

So if you think this is something you might be interested in but you have reservations, or if you already get waxed elsewhere but are thinking of booking an appointment with me, then read on!

Why DO Men Get Waxed?

Being genuinely nosey, I always ask my male clients why they get waxed. The main reason for regular waxers is usually “I feel cleaner” and a bum crack wax DEFINITELY ticks that box! First time waxers who come back for their second visit tell me that they felt lighter, cleaner and fresher after being waxed. Some guys do it because they take part in certain sports and it’s the norm to be hair free.  The one reason that nobody admits to but is absolutely true, is the optical inch… Not being buried in a forest of hair makes everything look bigger and more aesthetically pleasing. Another reason is that their partners tend to prefer them waxed as opposed to shaved, no woman or man wants stubble rash on their own nether regions from your shaved, blunt, stubbly, prickly hair!

Your Waxing Treatment

OK lets get this bit out of the way… While getting your balls and bum crack waxed is certainly not painless, it’s really not the torture that some films, comedy sketches or charity waxes would have you believe (though the occasional f-bomb has been dropped by first timers). If you’ve never been waxed before, often the anticipation is worse than the pain. Yes it’s uncomfortable when the wax is pulled off (anyone that promises you a pain free wax is a liar!), but any discomfort subsides within seconds.

I understand that possibly more uncomfortable than the actual waxing treatment, is lying there naked from the waist down while a stranger (me) spends the best part of half an hour smearing hot wax on your bits and removing it with clinical disinterest (just to clarify, no I’m not looking at size, I’m not comparing you with anyone else, I’m not impressed/unimpressed and I’m not finding it funny). I totally get that you’ll probably feel a bit vulnerable, so during the treatment I’m chatting away, asking you about work, holidays, hobbies and your daily life. ALL of my male clients tell me it’s amazing how quickly, within minutes, this strange situation seems normal.

What To Choose… Buttocks, Front N Back, Brazilian or Hollywood?

My price list HERE details precisely the areas from which hair will be removed so take a look and choose your style!

You’ve Booked Your Appointment – What Now?

Good preparation helps you get a great wax.  You’ll need AT LEAST 3 weeks growth… put down the razor!  Start exfoliating gently and daily, using a loofah or some kind of body scrub, this helps lift the hair for a better result.  Be gentle though, it’s a delicate area!  Please shower on the day of your appointment. I’ll do any trimming if it’s needed, but if you trim yourself please don’t cut the hair too shot – the length of a grain of rice is fine but no less.

Yes There Will Be Pain (But Not As Much As You Think)

It’s honestly not that painful, though everyone’s threshold is different. It’s a strange sensation as the wax is removed but any discomfort is gone within seconds and I’m straight onto the next bit. (The place lots of guys say is the most painful is having their neck waxed!)

I’ll Be Stretching, Pulling And Adjusting

You’ll be asked to lie on the bed with no pants on and I’ll be moving and stretching your penis and scrotum, keeping them taught while wax is applied and removed. I offer a professional waxing service and nothing more, so please respect that.  The only happy ending here is that you leave hair free.

The Erection Question

What happens if you get one? Well this does sometimes happen, it’s purely a mechanical reaction. I’ll be ignoring it, I’ll carry on waxing while asking you inane questions about your plans for the weekend and your opinion of Donald Trump. As long as your chat and behaviour is appropriate it’s fine. Inappropriate language, behaviour or requests will not be tolerated, you’ll be told to leave – and good luck getting that wax off yourself!

Your Bro-Zilian Doesn’t End When You Leave

I talk you through aftercare during the treatment and I’ll also give you card detailing my aftercare advice. You’ll need to avoid hot showers or baths (lukewarm is fine) for 24 hours, and you should give the gym a miss for the rest of the day. I sell some fantastic products to help care for your freshly waxed skin and keep ingrown hairs at bay.  

Your New Look – Clean and Sparkly

Your new, no-hair look will definitely feel different, and you’ll get used to the smooth, frictionless experience quickly. Lots of my guys tell me they use a medicated powder after showering which helps keep them fresh and sweat free. You won’t need to worry about prickly stubble – waxing pulls the hair from the root so your regrowth will be softer and sparser.

Stay On Schedule

For your first few appointments you’ll want to be waxed every 4-5 weeks. After a couple of waxes you’ll have a better idea of how quickly your regrowth comes through. To ensure you can get an appointment, re-book before you leave. If your own diary/work pattern/busy life won’t allow you to book that far ahead please do try and book at least 2 weeks in advance. I get booked up quickly! Gents if you can’t see any appointments available on my online booking system please contact me directly – Please text your name, email address, the treatment you’d like to book and the dates/times you’d prefer to 07506 729302.

So if reading all of the above hasn’t put you off, get in touch and book your appointment… I look forward to welcoming you to Wicked Wax!

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