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Male Price List


  • Brow – £6
    Using hot wax.  Takes 10 years off your face!  Keeping your natural shape and not looking too ‘sculpted’, this is a brow tidy which includes hair removal from between and underneath your brows, and a trim if you wish.

  • Nostril – £8
    Using hot wax.  Hair removed from inside your nose!

  • Neck – £10
    Using hot wax.  From the hairline down to where a t-shirt collar would sit.

  • Basic Back – £28
    Using strip wax.  Upper and lower back only.  This DOES NOT include neck/hairline, shoulders or upper arm.

  • Back, Neck and Shoulders – £35
    Using both strip and hot wax.  Includes the upper and lower back, nape of the neck/hairline, shoulders and top of arms (t-shirt).

  • Chest – £25
    Using both strip and hot wax.  Includes the upper chest from the neck to the bottom of the ribcage.

  • Chest and Stomach – £35
    Using both strip and hot wax.  From the neck down to the top of the pubic mound.

  • Upper Arms – £20
    Using strip wax.  From the shoulders down to the elbow.

  • Underarms – £12
    Using hot wax.  All hair removed from the underarms.

  • Full Arms and Hands – £35
    Using strip wax.  Full arms from the shoulders down, including hands and fingers.

  • Hands – £10
    Using strip wax, hands and fingers.

  • 1/2 Leg – £20
    Using strip wax, includes knees and feet.

  • 3/4 Leg – £25
    Using strip wax, to halfway up the thigh.

  • Full Leg – £30
    Using strip wax, the full leg, up to (but not including) the speedo line.


  • Speedo – £20
    A tidy at the top crease of the thighs, using hot wax.

  • Butt cheeks – £20
    All hair removed from the bum cheeks, using strip wax.

  • Butt crack – £20
    All hair removed from the bum crack, using hot wax.

  • Buttocks – £25
    Bum cheeks and bum crack.

  • Front N Back – £40
    Bum cheeks (optional – your choice), bum crack, scrotum and penis.

  • Brazilian – £50
    Bum cheeks (optional – your choice), bum crack, scrotum, penis, the pubic triangle shaped and tidied using wax, and trimmed if required.

  • Hollywood – £55
    All off!  Bum crack, bum cheeks, scrotum, penis, pubic triangle… Not a single hair left!!