Lets talk Periods!

//Lets talk Periods!

Lets talk Periods!

Lets talk periods!!

Because approximately 50% of the population (and about 80% of my clients) will have them at some point in their life. And yet they can still be seen as a bit of a taboo subject.

I’ve recently downloaded the Moody app (rather appropriately named I think ?) and it’s been fascinating to record my periods, track my cycle and be updated with insights into the hormonal, biological and environmental changes that can affect my daily wellbeing. It explains why at certain times of the month I crave fizzy drinks, stuff my face with chocolate with almost no self control, and get more irritated than usual by wet towels left all over the bathroom floor! It also gives me an idea of when to expect my next period so I can plan (or avoid) romantic nights away for example, and I know when NOT to wear my lovely white jeans or brand new white knickers.

Onto one of the most frequent questions I get asked, or the most common text message I receive – “I’m on my period, can I still be waxed?”.

The answer is YES! I have a toilet in my waxing studio for clients, there are individual freshen up wipes available, along with 100% organic tampons from Hey Girls for your use. So, wear a tampon and tuck the string away, or alternatively I’ll snip it short at the start of your treatment just so I don’t get any wax stuck to it… I’m sure we both don’t want the party popper effect as I pull the wax off ??.  I won’t wax you any differently to usual and all of my high hygiene standards apply – everything is wiped down before and after your treatment with antibacterial spray, disposable gloves for me, disposable bedsheet for you, and no double dipping.

It’s true that sometimes you may feel more sensitive when you’re on your period – and lets face it, for one or two days most of us feel like crap anyway – but actually I’ve found that clients are usually more sensitive in the few days leading up to the start of their period rather than during.

Of course it’s all about you feeling comfortable and if you don’t feel up to it and would rather rearrange that’s fine – but please know that I wax women on their period every single day, several times a day, and it’s not a problem for me, so there’s no need to feel embarrassed.

The usual aftercare advice applies, this is available on my FAQ’s page, reiterated at every appointment and there are printed aftercare cards all over my room for you to take.

So don’t let the “time of the month”, “Aunt Flo” or whatever euphemism you choose to use put you off. And if you’re lucky there’ll be some sweets or chocolate kicking around the wax room to satisfy your sugar craving.

See you at your next appointment!

(Please do check out this clicky link for the www.heygirls.co.uk website… they’re on a mission to end period poverty.  No woman should have to suffer because of the financial strain of buying sanitary protection.  Every purchase from their website means that they donate a box of sanitary items to girls and women in the UK from low income families, via schools, colleges, universities and community organisations.   They’re also committed to environmental sustainability, as am I.  All of their disposable pads and tampons are 100% plastic free, sustainably sourced, and  biodegradable).

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