Do you know your Hollywood from your Brazilian? The Wicked Wax guide…

//Do you know your Hollywood from your Brazilian? The Wicked Wax guide…

Do you know your Hollywood from your Brazilian? The Wicked Wax guide…

There’s nothing worse than when you’ve finally built up the courage to go for a first time wax, or visit a new therapist, and you walk out of your appointment with hair still there!  In the places you didn’t want it!

I understand that people can feel a bit awkward to ask in advance what’s included in your treatment… The last thing you want is to be having your bum crack waxed when you weren’t expecting it, or worse, expecting your bum to be waxed and having to ask for it, only to be met with a look of horror from your therapist.

I’ve had a LOT of new clients lately that have booked in to other places for a “Brazilian” only to find they’re handed some paper knickers, or not, and are given what I would call a “High Bikini”. I strongly believe that you should know EXACTLY what your treatment includes BEFORE you come along to your appointment, so here’s a handy guide to what you get at Wicked Wax!

Hooray for Hollywood


This is a knickers off treatment.  No paper knickers here.  When you have a Hollywood wax, ALL pubic hair should be removed – front, back, inside and out.  That includes bum crack and bum cheeks… So if your entire bum is covered in hair it’s all coming off.  I do this quickly with no assistance required from the client (you won’t be asked to spread and hold your own bum cheeks open) and at no extra charge!

The hair from the pubic mound is also removed and most importantly all hair from underneath. Hair will be removed from your inner and outer labia (actually, inner labia don’t grow hair, it just grows inwards from the outer labia) and this is the hair that tends to be left behind if you’ve had a paper knickers treatment!

Viva Brazil


A Brazilian is Exactly the same as a Hollywood, a knickers off treatment, only you’re left with a landing strip, or a triangle… So yep all that peach fuzz on your bum is coming off!  As for what’s left on the pubic mound, I’m very good but please don’t ask me to do a heart, a star, an initial or a Batman logo!

Air on a G-String


Knickers off for this one too! Bum crack and cheeks are included in with a G-String wax.  So it’s bum first, then on to the front – think along the lines of a VERY high bikini, hair is left on the pubic mound, tapering in underneath towards the bum crack…. Imagine you’re wearing a thong, there should be no hair showing outside of it!

Bikini Babe


The basic bikini wax removes all hair outside of the knicker line, so from the crease of your leg outwards.  I don’t mind with this one if you leave your knickers on, if you want to take them off I’ll go a wee bit higher for you. Either way is fine with me.

Still undecided?

I feel it’s important to mention that when you book a treatment I totally respect your choice, so if a basic bikini is what you want that’s absolutely fine, I won’t try and persuade you to go higher than you’re totally comfortable with.  Likewise if you booked a basic wax and decide on the day you’d like the next treatment up the menu then if I’ve got time I’ll do it!  Some people dive straight in with a hollywood, some like to have a number of appointments to build up to a brazilian or hollywood wax and some are quite happy to stick with a basic bikini or something in between.  There’s no pressure here, all I care about is that you leave happy and hairless – with all hair removed from the places you want it gone, nothing more, nothing less!

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