I know waxing isn’t everyone’s favourite treatment, most people who get waxed just want it done as quickly and painlessly as possible, so my aim is to try and make sure you have a good waxing experience.  To ensure this, I’ve trained with some of the most respected waxing therapists in the industry who specialise in male and female intimate waxing.

Perron Rigot is a French manufacturer of depilatory waxes used by beauty practitioners and salons the world over. I use only the highest quality Perron Rigot products before, during and after all waxing treatments for the best results.  My particular favourite is their Jasmine Oil, used before waxing to moisturise the skin and after waxing to soothe and soften, it smells amazing!

Intimate waxing is extremely popular with both women and men! I understand it can be a bit daunting if you’ve never had it done before, or even if you have and are thinking of changing therapist.  Take a look at my waxing FAQ’s page which should answer some of the questions you might have. If not, then get in touch and I’m happy to talk to you about it.

I believe that if you’re coming to me for a treatment you should know EXACTLY what you’re getting, so my price list details precisely the areas from which hair will be removed.

All of my intimate, facial and underarm waxing treatments are carried out using hot wax… Don’t be fooled by the name though… Hot wax is actually kept at a lower temperature than strip wax.  It works by shrink wrapping itself around the hair without sticking to the skin and is removed by peeling off.  This makes it a more gentle and effective way of hair removal.  I only use strip wax on larger areas where the hair is softer and finer, e.g. chest, back, legs and forearms