Waxing, Winter, and Looking After Your Skin

Winter is not particularly known for being kind to your skin… cold weather, the dry environment caused by central heating, layers of clothing and lack of moisture can all contribute to dry, flaky dull looking skin. So needless to say, skin care is as important, if not MORE important during winter as it is during summer or spring, even if you don’t plan on getting your bare legs or arms out on show.

Lots of people make the mistake of thinking that waxing is only necessary during the summer months when we’re sunning ourselves on beaches and baring our legs on a daily basis. But if you keep up with your waxing schedule during the winter months you’ll reap the benefits. Waxing is for life, because who wants to be back to square one of that first wax all over again, after taking a few months break. The goal with waxing is to reduce hair growth and for any hair that does come through to be finer, softer and sparser. So keep it up – don’t undo all of that hard work we did over summer!

Winter Waxing Burscough

Waxing can help to relieve dry skin…

Waxing not only removes hair by the root, it opens up your pores and gently exfoliates your skin by removing some dead skin cells. Having a build up of dead skin cells won’t allow nourishing body creams to be absorbed easily by your skin. My own legs get so dry and flaky and irritated over winter if I don’t keep on top of looking after my skin, but when I’ve let my skincare regime slip a quick leg wax sorts my legs right out! Why not take the plunge, grow the hair, and add a half leg wax to your intimate wax appointment and see for yourself… it’s 15 minutes added onto your Hollywood or Brazilian appointment and you will be leaving with fresh glowing moisturised legs.

Winter waxing keeps your hair growth cycle in sync…

You’ve visited regularly throughout summer, you already know how much softer and finer and hardly noticeable your hair regrowth can be! So why let that slip? Maintaining a regular waxing schedule will keep your hair cycle regular, weakening hair follicles, making subsequent waxing much easier and resulting in thinner, sparser regrowth. And as they say, summer bodies are made in winter!!

Waxing is convenient…

OK so I know that growing the hair out the first time can feel like it takes a lifetime (I need MINIMUM 3 weeks growth since your last shave) but hey, it’s cold, and it’s easier to keep yourself covered up, you can get away with trousers or tights for nights out. Once you’re in a regular waxing schedule you hardly notice your regrowth and you can be enjoying weeks of silky smoothness. Shave every day… or wax once a month? I know which I prefer.

Waxing Ormskirk Skelmersdale

Aftercare – Exfoliation and Moisturising – is key…

Now is the time to up your waxing aftercare and follow it to the letter! Exfoliation is so important to slough away those dead skin cells and help prevent ingrown hairs. Moisturising keeps your skin in tip top condition.

I sell a couple of fabulous exfoliating products; Ruff Stuff Daily Scrub which is a beautiful coconut sugar scrub, and A Bit Of Rough Washcloth which is much gentler than those scratchy exfoliating gloves you can buy, whilst still delivering the perfect level of exfoliation.  I never recommend anything that I don’t use and LOVE myself. I’ll also recommend some fantastic moisturisers suitable for all skin types.

Waxing Aftercare Body Scrub       Male Waxing

So take the plunge, and while you’re wrapped up for winter with your legs and underarms covered up with layers nobody will ever know you’re preparing to live the waxed life.  It’ll be our secret!



Waxing V Shaving – Waxing Wins!

When it comes to waxing versus shaving, of course I’m going to tell you that waxing wins – I’d be out of a job otherwise. OK, I will admit to running a razor over my underarms in the shower for the convenience factor, but I regret it EVERY.SINGLE.TIME when those prickly stubbly hairs are poking through already the very next day.

Here’s why I think waxing is so much better than shaving.

💫 Waxing removes hair from the root… Unlike shaving which cuts the hair off at skin level, or Veet which dissolves the hair to only just below the top layer of your skin.  Once the hair has been waxed out it can take up to 4-6 weeks for a new hair to appear in its place. I feel it’s important to be honest with my clients and tell you that it takes a couple of regular waxes to get most of the hair into the same growth cycle and start achieving longer lasting results, but once you’ve got all the hair into the same growth cycle you’ll be enjoying weeks of hair free smoothness.

💫 Waxing is kinder to skin… Running a sharp blade over your skin every few days (or in some cases, every day) can result in dry sore skin, or skin discolouration. Just imagine having no more shaving rash, razor burn or irritated skin, and no cuts or nicks that can leave you with permanent scars. For those of you who use Veet – no more smearing smelly hair dissolving chemicals onto your delicate skin – if you must Veet then save it for your legs, NOT your bikini area! The peelable wax I use is gentle on your skin, it shrink wraps the hair meaning that when I remove it the wax pulls out your hair but doesn’t lift your skin.

💫 Waxing reduces regrowth… One of the main advantages of waxing is that hair grows back sparser, finer and thinner. Regrowth feels soooooo much softer and unlike the thick stubbly regrowth from shaving, you hardly notice it’s there. Regular waxing damages the hair follicles meaning that hair just can’t grow back as strong, and sometimes it doesn’t grow back at all in patches.

💫 Waxing is fast and convenient… Here at Wicked Wax it takes 30 minutes for an intimate wax appointment (you’re actually only ‘on the bed’ for 15-20 minutes) to then have smooth skin for ages.

So you could shave every day or wax once a month?  It seems like an easy decision to me!

If you’re ready to take the plunge and ditch the razor, contact me now to book your appointment and start living the waxed life!!

Men – The Truth About What Actually Happens During Your Intimate Wax

Male waxing is on the increase!  Men are now embracing personal care beyond the very basics of bodily upkeep and becoming more and more health and body conscious. No surprise then that you’re following the example of us women and experimenting with below the belt hair removal. This service has become really popular with men from all walks of life and all ages.

So if you think this is something you might be interested in but you have reservations, or if you already get waxed elsewhere but are thinking of booking an appointment with me, then read on!

Why DO Men Get Waxed?

Being genuinely nosey, I always ask my male clients why they get waxed. The main reason for regular waxers is usually “I feel cleaner” and a bum crack wax DEFINITELY ticks that box! First time waxers who come back for their second visit tell me that they felt lighter, cleaner and fresher after being waxed. Some guys do it because they take part in certain sports and it’s the norm to be hair free.  The one reason that nobody admits to but is absolutely true, is the optical inch… Not being buried in a forest of hair makes everything look bigger and more aesthetically pleasing. Another reason is that their partners tend to prefer them waxed as opposed to shaved, no woman or man wants stubble rash on their own nether regions from your shaved, blunt, stubbly, prickly hair!

Your Waxing Treatment

OK lets get this bit out of the way… While getting your balls and bum crack waxed is certainly not painless, it’s really not the torture that some films, comedy sketches or charity waxes would have you believe (though the occasional f-bomb has been dropped by first timers). If you’ve never been waxed before, often the anticipation is worse than the pain. Yes it’s uncomfortable when the wax is pulled off (anyone that promises you a pain free wax is a liar!), but any discomfort subsides within seconds.

I understand that possibly more uncomfortable than the actual waxing treatment, is lying there naked from the waist down while a stranger (me) spends the best part of half an hour smearing hot wax on your bits and removing it with clinical disinterest (just to clarify, no I’m not looking at size, I’m not comparing you with anyone else, I’m not impressed/unimpressed and I’m not finding it funny). I totally get that you’ll probably feel a bit vulnerable, so during the treatment I’m chatting away, asking you about work, holidays, hobbies and your daily life. ALL of my male clients tell me it’s amazing how quickly, within minutes, this strange situation seems normal.

What To Choose… Buttocks, Front N Back, Brazilian or Hollywood?

My price list HERE details precisely the areas from which hair will be removed so take a look and choose your style!

You’ve Booked Your Appointment – What Now?

Good preparation helps you get a great wax.  You’ll need AT LEAST 3 weeks growth… put down the razor!  Start exfoliating gently and daily, using a loofah or some kind of body scrub, this helps lift the hair for a better result.  Be gentle though, it’s a delicate area!  Please shower on the day of your appointment. I’ll do any trimming if it’s needed, but if you trim yourself please don’t cut the hair too shot – the length of a grain of rice is fine but no less.

Yes There Will Be Pain (But Not As Much As You Think)

It’s honestly not that painful, though everyone’s threshold is different. It’s a strange sensation as the wax is removed but any discomfort is gone within seconds and I’m straight onto the next bit. (The place lots of guys say is the most painful is having their neck waxed!)

I’ll Be Stretching, Pulling And Adjusting

You’ll be asked to lie on the bed with no pants on and I’ll be moving and stretching your penis and scrotum, keeping them taught while wax is applied and removed. I offer a professional waxing service and nothing more, so please respect that.  The only happy ending here is that you leave hair free.

The Erection Question

What happens if you get one? Well this does sometimes happen, it’s purely a mechanical reaction. I’ll be ignoring it, I’ll carry on waxing while asking you inane questions about your plans for the weekend and your opinion of Donald Trump. As long as your chat and behaviour is appropriate it’s fine. Inappropriate language, behaviour or requests will not be tolerated, you’ll be told to leave – and good luck getting that wax off yourself!

Your Bro-Zilian Doesn’t End When You Leave

I talk you through aftercare during the treatment and I’ll also give you card detailing my aftercare advice. You’ll need to avoid hot showers or baths (lukewarm is fine) for 24 hours, and you should give the gym a miss for the rest of the day. I sell some fantastic products to help care for your freshly waxed skin and keep ingrown hairs at bay.  

Your New Look – Clean and Sparkly

Your new, no-hair look will definitely feel different, and you’ll get used to the smooth, frictionless experience quickly. Lots of my guys tell me they use a medicated powder after showering which helps keep them fresh and sweat free. You won’t need to worry about prickly stubble – waxing pulls the hair from the root so your regrowth will be softer and sparser.

Stay On Schedule

For your first few appointments you’ll want to be waxed every 4-5 weeks. After a couple of waxes you’ll have a better idea of how quickly your regrowth comes through. To ensure you can get an appointment, re-book before you leave. If your own diary/work pattern/busy life won’t allow you to book that far ahead please do try and book at least 2 weeks in advance. I get booked up quickly! Gents if you can’t see any appointments available on my online booking system please contact me directly – Please text your name, email address, the treatment you’d like to book and the dates/times you’d prefer to 07506 729302.

So if reading all of the above hasn’t put you off, get in touch and book your appointment… I look forward to welcoming you to Wicked Wax!

Pre Waxing Advice for your first visit to Wicked Wax!

Are you coming for an appointment with me soon and you’ve never been before? Here’s a few tips for your first visit!


Your hair should be the length of a grain of rice, ideally AT LEAST 3 weeks since you last shaved, but 4 weeks is even better.  I won’t bore you by going into too much detail about hair growth cycles but trust me on this.  I’m a very experienced wax therapist using the highest quality products but even my technique and wax won’t pull out hair that was shaved just a few days ago.    You should exfoliate in the week leading up to your appointment, this will help lift the hair for a better result.

Communication is everything!

My price list details exactly which areas hair will be removed from as part of your treatment.  At the start of your appointment I’ll talk you through this again, and explain the way I work before we get started, so there should be no surprises.  Talk to me – If you’ve been waxed before and had any kind of reaction, or there were parts of you where hair was always left behind, or there is anything at all you feel I need to know on your first visit, tell me! I want you to leave happy.

Things I REALLY need to know before we begin…

I carry out a thorough consultation and need you to be completely honest when filling out your form.  If you’ve taken Roaccutane (a treatment for acne), or any blood thinning medications in the last 6 months you cannot be waxed as these thin the skin and make it susceptible to lifting.  If you have diabetes then you will need to provide a doctors note to say you can be waxed (my insurance will not allow me to proceed without this).  For facial waxing, if you’ve had Botox or fillers I cannot wax your face for 7 days afterwards.  I don’t wax over varicose veins, sunburn or open sores but I can work around them. 

If you’re pregnant I CAN still wax you, from the moment you know to the day you deliver, but I do need to know.  It goes without saying that any information you provide is entirely confidential.

No 1hr+ waxes here…

One of my clients went elsewhere for a treatment recently whilst I was on holiday and came back telling me her Hollywood took an hour and a half😳.  Now obviously nobody wants a haphazard job but no intimate wax should take that long.  My intimate waxing clients are in and out the door in 30 minutes (unless you’re having some other waxing done too), that includes consultation, waxing, talking through aftercare, re-booking your next appointment, looking at photographs, swapping recipes, good Netflix series and book recommendations, and generally having a catch up!.  Actual time “on the bed” is about 15-20 minutes for women and about 20-25 minutes for men.  I’m fast AND thorough AND I give you a more comfortable treatment without making it feel rushed  Check out my Facebook reviews, the words “virtually painless” or “almost painless” feature a lot!

That leads me nicely to the most commonly asked question… WILL IT HURT?

I never advertise a “completely pain free” wax and anyone that does is luring you in with false promises.  Everyone’s tolerance to pain is different, and if it’s your first wax you don’t know what to expect, you’re probably a bit on edge and that might make you feel more sensitive.  It can feel a bit uncomfortable as the wax is removed – we are pulling hair out by the roots after all – but any discomfort quickly subsides within seconds and after each visit the hair thins and it gets much easier.  I can promise that nobody walks out of the room in pain, almost everyone ends the appointment saying “it wasn’t as bad as I thought”, in fact I might make that my new tagline 😇.

You don’t have to go completely bare, you can leave a little (or a lot) of hair…

I want you to feel totally comfortable and happy with your treatment.  Ladies whether you want to leave your knickers on and have a very basic bikini tidy, or whip them off and have the full Hollywood experience, or anything in between… Gents I have a variety of styles listed on my menu for you… it’s entirely your choice and it’s all good with me.  I NEVER pressure anyone into having a more extended treatment than they feel comfortable with. 

Aftercare is key!

For 24 hours after your appointment you need to avoid anything that will make you overly sweaty or cause chafing in the waxed area😉 so use it as an excuse to skip the gym that day.  No hot bath or shower for the rest of the day (lukewarm is fine though), and no sauna, swimming or sunbeds.  After 24 hours you can resume normal activities.  All new clients are given an aftercare card with instructions on how to care for your freshly waxed skin and how to help prevent and treat ingrown hairs.  I sell a couple of fantastic products to help with this. 

Re-book before you leave.

To ensure you stay on track with your waxing schedule and to make sure you’ve secured your next appointment, re-book before you leave.  I’m generally booked up about 2- 4 weeks in advance, so if you know you can only do specific days and times lets get your appointment booked in as a regular slot for you.

That’s all folks…

Head over to my FAQ page which should answer anything else that I haven’t covered here.  I look forward to seeing you at your first appointment.  Welcome to the waxed life!

Waxing Hygiene… No Double Dipping Here!

Here at Wicked Wax I follow strict hygiene procedures.  There have been a couple of waxing articles published recently on some professional beauty forums which have made me realise that hygiene isn’t always a priority for some wax therapists/salons and ‘No Double Dipping’ is perhaps still not yet the industry norm!

So here’s a little run through of what I expect from you, and what you can expect from me for a clean, hygienic treatment.

Your Hygiene…

I can honestly say I’ve NEVER had a client with a hygiene problem yet… I know people probably come along to their appointment thinking “oh my God, I hope I don’t smell” and I can tell you – you don’t!

I assume this means that everyone follows the advice on my FAQ page and showers on the day of the appointment.  I don’t expect you to race home from work, shower for the second time that day and then race out to your appointment either.  If you’ve showered that morning then that’s good for me! There are freshen up wipes available in the toilet if you feel the need to use one.

And that’s all I want you to do 👍🏽

Wicked Wax Hygiene…

Here’s what to expect from me.

💫 My treatment room is kept clean and tidy at all times.

💫 The bed is covered with a disposable bedsheet and is sprayed and wiped down with antibacterial disinfectant after every single person. A fresh bedsheet is used for every appointment.

💫 The bin is emptied between clients and a fresh bin liner is used every time.

💫 I use disposable nitrile gloves, a clean pair for everyone.  If you’re having an intimate wax treatment and you add on another treatment such as nostril, lip or underarm wax, I’ll dispose of the gloves used for your intimate wax and put on new gloves before I wax your other body parts.

💫 Now for an important one… NO DOUBLE DIPPING HERE!!!

What’s double dipping? It’s when the therapist takes a spatula full of wax, applies that wax to your skin, then sticks the same spatula back in the wax pot to pick up more wax, applies that to your skin, and so on.  Bleugh! What they’re doing is potentially transferring skin particles, hair, blood spotting, etc, BACK into the wax pot on that used spatula.  By the end of the day it’s like a pot full of every single client they’ve waxed that day – would you want a lip wax from the same pot that’s been used to wax someone else’s bum?  Yuk!

So here at Wicked wax I NEVER reuse spatulas.  Once it’s touched your skin it goes in the bin, only fresh clean spatulas ever get dipped into my wax pots.  (As an aside, yes I do use thousands of spatulas each year and yes I do feel guilty about the environmental impact.  To try in some way to make up for this, as well as disposing of my waste as ethically as I can, I donate yearly to the Woodland Trust who spend donations on planting trees and woodland conservation 🌳🌍).

💫 All areas are cleaned daily at the end of each day and all stock including wax, lotions and gels are checked to ensure they are in date and haven’t been opened for too long – but to be honest I’m so busy that none of my stock lasts long enough to go out of date, it’s been well used up by then.

The main thing when you go for a wax is to just take a look around… Is the place clean and tidy or are you looking at an overflowing bin, a ratty old towel on the bed that’s full of wax and has clearly been used several times already, are the wax pots clean and is there a good supply of spatulas on the trolley.

INSIST on no double dipping and if you’re being fobbed off with some naff excuse like “oh the wax is hot enough to kill any germs so it’s ok to double dip” (yes I’ve heard that one before 🙄) then get your pants back on, get the hell outta there and book an appointment with me instead!    🏃🏻😉💃🏽


Do you know your Hollywood from your Brazilian? The Wicked Wax guide…

There’s nothing worse than when you’ve finally built up the courage to go for a first time wax, or visit a new therapist, and you walk out of your appointment with hair still there!  In the places you didn’t want it!

I understand that people can feel a bit awkward to ask in advance what’s included in your treatment… The last thing you want is to be having your bum crack waxed when you weren’t expecting it, or worse, expecting your bum to be waxed and having to ask for it, only to be met with a look of horror from your therapist.

I’ve had a LOT of new clients lately that have booked in to other places for a “Brazilian” only to find they’re handed some paper knickers, or not, and are given what I would call a “High Bikini”. I strongly believe that you should know EXACTLY what your treatment includes BEFORE you come along to your appointment, so here’s a handy guide to what you get at Wicked Wax!

Hooray for Hollywood


This is a knickers off treatment.  No paper knickers here.  When you have a Hollywood wax, ALL pubic hair should be removed – front, back, inside and out.  That includes bum crack and bum cheeks… So if your entire bum is covered in hair it’s all coming off.  I do this quickly with no assistance required from the client (you won’t be asked to spread and hold your own bum cheeks open) and at no extra charge!

The hair from the pubic mound is also removed and most importantly all hair from underneath. Hair will be removed from your inner and outer labia (actually, inner labia don’t grow hair, it just grows inwards from the outer labia) and this is the hair that tends to be left behind if you’ve had a paper knickers treatment!

Viva Brazil


A Brazilian is Exactly the same as a Hollywood, a knickers off treatment, only you’re left with a landing strip, or a triangle… So yep all that peach fuzz on your bum is coming off!  As for what’s left on the pubic mound, I’m very good but please don’t ask me to do a heart, a star, an initial or a Batman logo!

Air on a G-String


Knickers off for this one too! Bum crack and cheeks are included in with a G-String wax.  So it’s bum first, then on to the front – think along the lines of a VERY high bikini, hair is left on the pubic mound, tapering in underneath towards the bum crack…. Imagine you’re wearing a thong, there should be no hair showing outside of it!

Bikini Babe


The basic bikini wax removes all hair outside of the knicker line, so from the crease of your leg outwards.  I don’t mind with this one if you leave your knickers on, if you want to take them off I’ll go a wee bit higher for you. Either way is fine with me.

Still undecided?

I feel it’s important to mention that when you book a treatment I totally respect your choice, so if a basic bikini is what you want that’s absolutely fine, I won’t try and persuade you to go higher than you’re totally comfortable with.  Likewise if you booked a basic wax and decide on the day you’d like the next treatment up the menu then if I’ve got time I’ll do it!  Some people dive straight in with a hollywood, some like to have a number of appointments to build up to a brazilian or hollywood wax and some are quite happy to stick with a basic bikini or something in between.  There’s no pressure here, all I care about is that you leave happy and hairless – with all hair removed from the places you want it gone, nothing more, nothing less!

Stay Cool and Get Waxed at Wicked Wax

Wow, this sunshine is amazing isn’t it  Long may it continue! ! Here are my top tips for a comfortable treatment with me in this beautiful sunny weather…


❄ Wear loose clothes and cotton underwear to your appointment, save the lacy synthetic thong for a few days time. Big Bridget Jones cotton knickers are breathable and won’t rub or chafe your freshly waxed skin!

❄ Guys you may want to bring along a clean cotton t-shirt to put on after your back or chest wax.  As soon as you can after your wax once you get home, take your shirt off and let your skin breathe, but stay out of the sun for the rest of the day.

❄ Try not to arrive all panicked and sweaty because you’re running late, that’s no fun for either of us!! Arrive a few minutes early for your appointment if possible, relax in my waiting area and help yourself to an iced lemon infused water.

❄ Yes I do have a toilet in my waiting area.  There are freshen-up wipes available as well as sanitary items should you need them.

❄ Enjoy my air-conditioned waxing studio, currently a chilled 19 degrees, a perfect working temperature. (If this heatwave continues much longer I may start sleeping in here!). No – you can’t book an appointment just to sit in there for a 30 minute cool off 😂.

❄ After your appointment, avoid exposing your freshly waxed skin to the sun for AT LEAST 24 hours, sunscreen is a must, and follow all of my aftercare advice to keep your skin in tip top condition.

See you soon! #getwaxedatWickedWax

Holiday Wax? This one’s for you!

OK, admit it, who only gets waxed when going on holiday?

Waxing, out of all the hair removal options, is definitely the best way to stay hair free for longer, but to get the BEST results from your wax you need to be planning ahead.

It can take around 3 waxing appointments, approximately 4 weeks apart, to start seeing longer lasting results… slower regrowth, with hair becoming finer and sparser.

This is because you have THOUSANDS of individual hairs on any area of your body, and at your first waxing appointment each of these little hairs will be at a different growth stage, so there will be lots of hairs that are just too short to be waxed or may still be just under the skin waiting to pop through in the next few days.

The benefit of regular waxing means that over time, the hair growth cycle becomes synchronised, with almost all the hairs being at the same stage at the same time.  This means they grow together and get removed together.

Once a hair is removed by the root it will be a few weeks before a new hair is formed and starts to appear.  And THIS is the result you want for your holiday.  Imagine not having to think about shaving your underarms or bikini line every morning, no razor burn, no shaving rash or stubble!  Sounds good, right?

I’m happy to book you in as a one-off before your hols… while I’m trying my best to convert the world one great wax at a time, I appreciate that some people do still only want that one appointment before they fly off to sunnier climes.

But with my fabulous pre and post wax advice and some of my amazing aftercare products I can help you have a hair free holiday… so to help yourself, if you can, you need to get your diary out and plan a waxing schedule to ensure the longest lasting results possible.

And get waxed at Wicked Wax!!



What’s stopped you from booking a bikini wax sooner?

When people who are new to waxing first visit me, and we get talking, it pretty much always turns out that they’ve been thinking about trying waxing for ages before plucking up the courage to finally book in.

When I’ve asked them “so what stopped you from booking sooner?” some of the replies made me think I’d write this post, to reassure people who might be thinking the same things.

So here we go…

“I thought I’d be the hairiest person you’ve ever seen” – Everyone thinks that! Yep, some people are hairier than others.  The thing is, I NEED you to be hairy so I can wax you and as far as I’m concerned the hairier the better! So no trimming, shaving or hair removal creams for 4 weeks before your appointment please, even if you feel like Chewbacca!

“I have piles” – So do most people.  I’m genuinely more surprised when I see someone that DOESN’T have them.  My pre-wax oil and the wax that I use means that there’s no pulling on your skin (or your piles) and I work around them anyway.

“It’s difficult trying to time an appointment around my period” – I can still wax you if you’re on your period.  Although it’s worth bearing in mind that you can be slightly more sensitive when it’s that time of the month, I CAN still wax you.  Just wear a tampon and I’ll work around it.

“I thought it was going to be really painful, but actually it wasn’t as bad as I thought” – It’s never as bad as you thought it would be. Go and read my Facebook reviews (and if you’ve visited and want to leave a review to reassure others, I’d really appreciate it ;-)).  Although everyone’s pain threshold is different I can give you a more comfortable treatment with the wax that I use (hot wax, NO STRIPS). Nobody leaves the room in pain and everyone says it was nothing like they thought it’d be.

“I was worried I might be too overweight for you to be able to wax me” – I wax women of all shapes and sizes, it doesn’t matter to me what size you are, I wax everyone using the same technique.  All I’m concentrating on is hair and skin, your size doesn’t really come into it.

“I’ve been scared it would be really embarrassing” – Well, it’s not embarrassing for me 🙂 I’ve seen it all before, numerous times each day! You might feel a bit embarrassed for a minute or two, then once we start chatting you’ll forget that you’re lying there with no knickers on and legs akimbo, I promise!

When you make an appointment for intimate waxing I always book out plenty of time for a thorough pre-wax consultation and a discussion about aftercare, most people are only ‘on the bed’ for 15-20 minutes.  In about 30 minutes from arriving, you’ll be skipping out feeling hair free and fabulous and wondering what on earth you waited so long for! So go on, be brave, book now #itsnotasbadasyouthink

Ingrown Hairs and how to deal with them…

Ingrown hairs, the bane of any waxers life! Pesky little buggers, aren’t they?!  You’ve got your waxing routine down to a T, you’re silky smooth and hair free, the last thing you need is ingrown hairs.

What exactly are ingrown hairs?
Quite simply they are hairs that have curled round and grown back into the skin.  They often appear like small spots or pimples and you can sometimes even see the hair trapped under the skin.

What causes them?
There are a number of factors.  People with naturally more coarse or curly hair tend to be prone to them.  People who usually shave definitely suffer more than those who use other hair removal methods.  The main cause of ingrown hair is clogged hair follicles (the small hole in the skin from which the hair grows).  The follicles can become clogged with dead, dry skin cells or oil.  This stops the hair breaking through the skin.  If you’ve been waxed a few times the hair is weakened each time, growing back softer and finer and even less able to penetrate dry or clogged skin, which is why aftercare is so important.

Prevention is better than cure…
Stopping the skin becoming dry and congested is a big step towards preventing ingrown hair.

Exfoliating Gloves – I’m always banging on about these, aren’t I? You can get them for as cheap as 50p, from places like Home Bargains, Boots and even Primark sell them now. Use them daily, make them part of your shower routine and the key word here is GENTLY!! The gloves do all the work for you so gently sweep them over the skin, no pressure or heavy scrubbing required, you’re not cleaning the oven!

Body Scrubs – I’m a bit partial to Soap and Glory body polishes. Or sometimes I make my own . I particularly like this one THIS ONE but there are a million very cheap and easy diy recipes out there and mostly they simply consist of coconut oil and sugar. When I’m making this myself I like to substitute the peppermint oil in the recipe for tea tree oil which is known for it’s antiseptic and antibacterial properties. So make your scrub, store in a tub or jar and use at the end of your shower on damp skin, rinse with lukewarm water and pat dry. The sugar gently exfoliates and the oil will moisturise – perfect!

So what do I do if I’ve got ingrown hairs?  I didn’t prevent them, I need a cure!
As tempting as it might be, don’t pick, scratch or squeeze them.  You don’t want to break your skin as this will make it more susceptible to infection.  For those of us that just can’t leave them alone (yes, that’s me!!) then sterile tweezers can be used to try and retrieve the hair from under the skin but I really strongly advise AGAINST digging around as you can do some real harm and even leave scarring. 

I retail two fantastic ingrown hair products

Aloe Clear
Bikini Saver – £3
Body Roll-On – £13
Aloe Clear roll on gel is a unique product that prevents AND eliminates ingrown hairs by intensely moisturinsing and exfoliating your skin as well as tackling sore and infected ingrown hairs with its antibacterial properties. It soothes, calms, exfoliates and moisturises all in one.

Bump Eraiser – £16
This magic medi-paste is a highly concentrated spot treatment invented to eliminate ingrown hairs, razor bumps and pimples. It reduces redness while preventing infection. Formulated with Salicyclic Acid, Tea Tree Oil, Triclosan and Vitamin A, it draws out infection rapidly without causing trauma to the skin. You’ll see AMAZING results within 7 days!

So there’s no need to suffer.  I’ll discuss aftercare advice during your appointment and within a few weeks we’ll have you sorted, smooth and bump-free!